Mob Wives’ Big Ang offers new cancer update, reunion special tidbits

Big Ang cancer update 1

It’s been a rough few weeks for Mob Wives‘ Angela Raiola, but the latest Big Ang cancer update offers some good news for the ailing reality TV star. Ang and her family have been largely silent since announcing that her cancer had advanced to stage four, but recently took to social media to share a series of brief updates.

Last week, Ang’s sister Janine Detore broke the most disheartening Big Ang cancer update yet: chemotherapy was “not working,” and Ang’s tumors had spread to her brain and lungs. Detore shared the update on a GoFundMe page she set up to help defray the cost of Ang’s alternative treatment, which involves the use of cannabis oil. Originally, Ang and her family were hoping for an accrued contribution of $25,000; as of this afternoon, though, fans have donated $44,010 to help out the Mob Wives star.

The GoFundMe page hasn’t been updated with a new Big Ang cancer update since launching. Big Ang has been fairly active on Twitter, though, sending out loads of thank-you messages to her many well wishers. Last week there was only one new message (excluding retweets) from Ang herself:

This week, though, Ang has picked up the pace quite a bit:

(It’s worth noting that Ang appears to tweet only on Wednesdays, when new episodes of Mob Wives air–so, if you want to send her a message, it’s probably best to do it then.)

Big Ang cancer update 2

In a related Big Ang cancer update, her interview with Dr. Oz will air this coming Tuesday, February 16th. A brief press release from the production company promises an “EXCLUSIVE: Mob Wives’ star Big Ang (Angela Raiola) on her cancer crisis and her fight to stay alive.”

A recent People dispatch from the set of the Mob Wives Season 6 reunion taping offers a bit more in the way of a Big Ang cancer update. According to that report, Ang was in fact able to attend the taping, which also took place last week, despite fear that she was too sick to participate. The day was “grueling” and involved a ten-hour shoot, and Ang was able to make it through half.

According to Mob Wives producer Jennifer Graziano, “Ang was in good spirits at the reunion. She looked amazing, but you could tell she was getting tired quickly. She stayed for one segment only and went home to rest.

“We left her attendance at the reunion up to her,” Graziano added, “and [Ang] insisted she finish what she started….[She arrived] all dolled up…[but] definitely is feeling the effects of everything she’s going through.”

UPDATE The woman herself offered an unexpected Big Ang cancer update on Instagram today. Ang shared a shot of herself clad in red to celebrate the holiday–including a sharp red stocking cap–and once again thanked her fans for their many good wishes:

  (Photo credits: Big Ang cancer update via Instagram)

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