Mila Kunis asks, politely and respectfully, that men stop saying “We’re pregnant”




Mila Kunis is six months pregnant. Her pregnancy has been a topic of discussion in gossip- and celebrity-invested circles since its announcement months ago. Which means that she’s had to endure other couples–and, specifically, the men in those couples–peppering her with sentences “We’re pregnant, too” for longer than she would maybe have cared.

Kunis also has one more trimester left in which to be pregnant, and that trimester coincides with the hottest and least comfortable season. She is, in short, preparing to give birth at the end of the worst time of the year in which to be pregnant, and understandably tired of having to hear about every other couple’s pregnancy, when, in all fairness to the dudes out there, it’s really not a couple’s pregnancy; it’s a woman’s. (No matter what science has tried with so far.)

Which is why Kunis’ Tuesday appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live was a perfect storm of honesty and silliness:



Really, it’s the Greek chorus of expectant mothers (and the bevy of Ben and Jerry’s ice cream that they wield like close combat weaponry) that makes this clip art. And Jimmy’s humbled response is great. Hopefully the appearance shames enough Brooklyn hipster dads into “father guilt” that the phrase “We’re pregnant” can fade out of usage and the collective consciousness–for at least the rest of summer.