VIDEO Mila Kunis asked out by reporter during hilarious interview

Oz Great and Powerful Media Tour
Mila Kunis is in the middle of the Oz the Great and Powerful media marathon. After countless interviews, she’s almost certainly become a pro at reciting refined, eloquent answers to reporters’ common questions about the film. The trouble is that those stories don’t leave much room for her personality to shine through.

That’s why this interview with a young, starstruck reporter is truly awesome. Even as the interview with Chris Stark of BBC Radio 1 gets off to a bumpy start, Kunis comes across as witty and super fun.

If you don’t have time to watch the complete clip, here’s a recap of my favorite moment.

Stark, after Kunis asks what’s frightening about the interview: It’s a bit of an unnatural environment. I’m used to being down at my local pub with my boys.

Kunis: This is the same!

Stark: I cannot wait to tell them about this…

Kunis: I hope you get a whole round of… What do you like? Whiskey?

Stark: Jägerbombs…

Kunis: Jägerbombs?! That is disgusting!

Stark: We do a shot of Jäger into a double-vodka Red Bull.

Kunis: Oh my god… That sounds like the worst drink ever.

Stark: Would you like… I mean you’re… You could come join us.

Kunis: Where’s your pub?

Kunis, after Stark explains: I’m probably not going to do it today because I’m deathly ill, but I will maybe come join you if you buy me a… What did you call it?

Stark: Oh, a lapbomb.

Kunis: That sounds disgusting.

Stark, after telling her about his friends: I should get back to the questions.

Kunis: Why? This is way more fun!

Now, who wants to help me arrange for an interview with Kunis?

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