Michigan Assistant AG obsessed with first openly gay Michigan U. student president

Michigan Assistant AG Andrew Shirvell

Andrew Shirvell is an Assistant Attorney General for the state of Michigan.  But his career has recently taken a backseat to his other obsession; blogging about his hatred and disgust for The University of Michigan’s first openly gay student body president Chris Armstrong.

Shirvell began blogging about Armstrong back in April via his site he calls the Chris Armstrong Watch using the alias “Concerned Michigan Alumnus.”  Shirvell is so concerned about Armstrong that he has made the following posts, among many others, about him:

“Armstrong openly engages in sexual escapades at churches and children’s playgrounds”

“Armstrong hosted gay orgy at U of M dorm in ’09”

“Chris Armstrong: The PRIVILIDGED pervert”

As of this write up there are a recorded 28 in-depth and researched posts by Mr. Shirvell that cover just about every aspect of the gay-hating spectrum.  Images that accompany the posts often feature Perez Hilton style writing on top of images.  In one instance Shirvell overlaid the image of a rainbow flag emblazoned with the Nazi swastika onto a photo of Armstrong.  He is absolutely thorough in his explanation, description, and exasperated disgust for the University of Michigan student.  He has admitted to protesting outside the young man’s home and even managed to unearth the fact that Armstrong had attended the concert of notorious “anti-Catholic bigot Lady Gaga!”

Here is a fascinating clip of Mr. Shirvell explaining himself on Anderson Cooper 360°:

Armstrong is seeking legal action against Shirvell as could be expected.  Michigan Attorney General Mike Cox is attempting to distance himself as much as possible from his blogging employee.  Under state law an employee can’t be fired for their political views but can be let go due to conduct unbecoming of a state official.

Cox stated:

“Mr. Shirvell’s personal opinions are his and his alone and do not reflect the views of the Michigan Department of Attorney General.  But his immaturity and lack of judgment outside the office are clear.”

So what do you think about Shirvell and his personal attacks on Chris Armstrong?  Should he be fired for what his boss labels a lack of judgment and immaturity or should he be allowed to express his opinions outside the work place?