Demi Moore explains why she is still @mrskutcher

I will finally be able to rest at night now that Demi Moore has explained why she still uses the Twitter handle @mrskutcher following her publicized split from Mr. Kutcher.

Apparently tweet-peeps were wanting more from Moore and were constantly peppering her with requests to change the name of her Twitter account. I’ll admit it’s a little odd but in the big scheme of things this ain’t that big a deal. Or is it? Here was Demi’s statement via her Twitter account @mrskutcher:

Meow Miss Moore! Perhaps Demi should get the same people who now run Ashton’s Twitter account to run hers. If you missed that tweetroversy, Kutcher caught a boatload of crap after defending Penn State coach Joe Paterno without being aware of the child molestation charges rocking the University.

I just bet that someone out there manages celeb twitter accounts for a living. What a job!

So for now, Demi Moore will go on being @mrskutcher in 140 characters or less.

PHOTO: Nikki Nelson/

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