Lisa Rinna’s bald selfie is fake, ‘It was so much fun pranking everyone’

Lisa Rinna Wears Wigs

Yesterday, Lisa Rinna posted a brazen selfie to Instagram showing off her freshly shaved head. While some were quick to assume it was a prank, many of Lisa’s fans were sure she had swapped her signature do for a sleek, bald style.

Now today, on April Fool’s Day, Lisa has come forward to admit it was a prank. She told The Daily Dish, “The new look is, indeed, not real.”

Lisa Rinna Fake Bald Head

Lisa went on to explain that the stunt fooled everyone- even her hair stylist and agent. “When the most fabulous hair dresser in the world, Chris McMillan, called me asking me if I really shaved my head, I knew we had done a great April Fool’s joke. My agents also freaked out and had a heart attack.”

The former soap star loved every minute of the drama, “It was so much fun pranking everyone! Thanks for having me participate with you.”

So how was Lisa able to make it look like she shaved her head? Trusty ole’ photoshop of course!

What do you think about Lisa’s prank? Did you believe she actually shaved her head?

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