VIDEOS Farrah Abraham hosting EOTM Awards, appearing on Girls & Corpses magazine

Farrah Abraham mini skirt

Former Teen Mom star turned adult film star Farrah Abraham continues to add to her daunting resume this weekend by hosting an awards show and posing for the cover of a rather, um, unique magazine. The fore-mentioned daunting resume has apparently been noticed by the folks at the EOTM (which stands for Entrepreneurs On The Move) Awards, because they have not only nominated Farrah for an award, they’ve invited her to host their awards ceremony tonight!

Farrah posted a keek video yesterday in which she talks excitedly about her cover photo shoot with Girls and Corpses magazine (seriously) as well as her hosting gig. Here’s the video followed by a transcription of what she says in the clip:

Aug 3, 2013 | #LA update! SneakPeak SHHHH! @Keek 🙂 by f1abraham on

Hey Everyone. So, I’m in LA. The last time you saw me I was leaving my boo boo Sophia. And look at my shirt. Ooooo! That should give you a hint as to what photo shoot I had today. And it’s going to be amazing, and hopefully it will be one of the best covers of this magazine. So, hush until then, and you’ll see it this winter. Um, but tomorrow I’m excited to host my first ever awards show at the EOTM Awards — Entrepreneurs On The Move. And it is amazing, there are so many cool people! So I’ll see you then, LA. Love you!

Here’s Farrah in her Girls and Corpses tank top:

Farrah Abraham Girls and Corpses magazine tank top

The EOTM Awards are scheduled to begin at 9PM PST I believe, but the only live coverage I could find was the EOTM Radio Station, which you can listen to HERE.

So what exactly are the EOTM Awards? Here’s a description from their Facebook page “About Me:”

An accolade presented by the EOTM Radio & TV Network celebrating entrepreneurial achievements and performances in business, philanthropy and the arts (recordings, television, radio, literature, film, directing and writing). The EOTM Awards Show will also present “The Aaron Hatcher Award” to key individuals and organizations that promote human rights and social justice.

On the EOTM Awards website, they introduce the show’s host with: “MTV’s Teen Mom, Entrepreneur, Best Selling Author, Maverick, Risk-taker​ Farrah Abraham.” And if you’re curious who the “so many cool people” are exactly, here’s a list:

Hollywood veterans and entrepreneurs Kurt Kelly, Kate Linder, Debra Wilson, Jill Rudison, Vanessa Williams, Marla Gibbs, Sam Beard, CC Perkinson, Barbara Niven, Christian Keyes, Eric Zuley, Chillie Mo, Farah Abraham, Sean Blakemore, Walter Jones, Le Toya Luckett, FAWN, Luenell, Kali Bowyer, Domiziano Arcangeli, Eric Martinez, Gregory Blair, Vanessa Williams, Bruce Vilanch, JB Brown, Michael Wayne Thomas, Brandon Tyler Russell, Tami Roman, Reatha Grey, Joslyn Pennywell, Dawna Lee Heising, Sam Sarpong, Dave Shelton, Mari Morrow, Yolanda ‘Yo Yo’ Whitaker and more will be in attendance, along with Keyz, Kali Muscle, Sophia Strauss, Laci Kay, Jaira Valenti, Vincent Ward, Daniel Alexander (who will perform), Carlon Jeffery, Jake Short, Lourdes Duques Baron (who will perform), Billy Lord (who will perform), Lauren Struthers and more.

Other performers include: Torica, Spankie Valentine, Chioke Dmachi, Musically Challenged and Matthew Parry-Jones.

(An earlier promotional video for the Awards lists Farrah’s Teen Mom cast mate Maci Bookout as one of the many celebrities who will be in attendance, but her name isn’t listed on anything more recent so I’m guessing that fell through. Maci has said nothing about it on Twitter this weekend and she doesn’t appear to be in California.)

As far as the Girls and Corpses magazine cover, Farrah Abraham will be joining other such notable celebabes as former adult film star Tera Patrick and Courtney Stodden. Here are a couple of past covers of Girls and Corpses (Including Courtney Stodden and “The Real Houseflies”) to give you a rough idea what we’re in store for with the Farrah Abraham cover:

Courtney Stodden Girls and Corpses magazine cover  Girls and Corpses magazine cover The Real Housewives become the Real Houseflies

Let me go ahead and offer up my guess as to what the theme will be: Teen Mummy. You heard it here first.

UPDATE – Here is a behind-the-scenes clip of Farrah Abraham and Girls and Corpses “Deaditor In Chief” Robert Rhine during and just after the photo shoot:


After hosting the EOTM Awards, Farrah will hit the trail again on her summer barnstorming tour of America night clubs and strip clubs before jetting off to Johannesburg, South Africa in late September for the SEXPO Health, Sexuality & Lifestyle Expo — according to her web site.

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