Miami Housewife Marysol Patton is engaged to Frenchman Philippe Pautesta

Philippe Pautesta Real Housewives of Miami

In a preview for tonight’s premiere of The Real Housewives of Miami PR maven Marysol Patton discusses her relationship with a Frenchman by the name of Philippe with her outspoken mother Elsa.  The conversation progresses to the topic of sex which makes Marysol a little uncomfortable.  With a little prodding Miss Patton states that this Philippe is:

“Fantastic in every way and that’s as far as I’m going with this conversation mother.”

Marysol Patton's fiancee Philippe Pautesta

In the series preview video released by Bravo we are shown this fantastic French lover proposing to Miss Patton with a seriously gaudy ring.  She says yes and in a recent promotional interview with NBC 6 out of Miami Marysol stated that she is, “still working on her engagement.”

After doing a little digging I was able to dig up the identity and some bio info for this mystery man in Marysol’s life, Mr. Philippe Pautesta.

Pautesta has recently started a Twitter page in which, as of this post, he’s only followed by 5 people one of them being Marysol of course.  Fab-Philippe is only following two people with one of them being his bride-to-be Patton.  His Twitter account has a link to a PHP Enterprises USA and it is here where we get some solid background information on the Frenchman rocking Marysol’s world.

In the History section under Gourmand at Home Catering it says of the business and Philippe that:

“Gourmand at Home” is a catering and event planning service created by Philippe Pautesta-Herder.  After spending years in Manhattan working in the Restaurant Business, Event Production and Landscape Design (With Cole Creates owned by Rebecca Cole from the TV show “Surprised By Design”), Philippe moved to Miami in 2004 and started PHP consulting, a boutique restaurant consulting firm.

In 2007 PHP Enterprises USA was born and expanded to catering consulting.  Philippe then decided to combine his knowledge of the Food industry and his experience in production, and created “Gourmond at Home” a combination of fine dining and event planning.

Real Housewives of Miami Philippe Pautesta and Marysol Patton

Sounds like we have ourselves a match made in PR, consulting, catering and reality TV heaven!  But then again the two are “still working on their engagement” according to Patton.  You think theses two would have the planning part of that whole deal covered!