PHOTOS Is Miley Cyrus rocking a Willie Nelson t-shirt a return to her roots?

Miley Cyrus Willie Nelson t-shirt

The above photo of Miley Cyrus was taken yesterday following her dance class in Los Angeles. The bellwether of paparazzi storms looked relaxed and fit as she made her way from the class to her wickedly awesome Mercedes.

Cyrus is always making headlines, the most recent of which stemming from comments made by her father Billy Ray Cyrus in GQ magazine blaming all of the family’s troubles on the success of their Disney television show Hannah Montana. He claims that he lost parental control of Miley to her “handlers” (and Satan) and claims that is why she has been exploring more adult past-times such as smoking salvia divinorum and participating in a little overseas drinking.

Now I’ll admit that some of the new adult Miley Cyrus actions have been a little extreme, but I could not imagine what her life must have been like as a teen mega-star – a literal walking, talking product placement promotion. Considering what some other notable young starlets are going through I think Miley’s growing pains are, if not completely tactful, at least palatable and understandable.

When anyone goes through these periods of transition in their life there are two things they can lean on to ground themselves and walk the line. First you need to remember your raising and second ask yourself, “What would Willie Nelson do?” Well It looks like Miley could very well be doing both because a close examination of her dance attire reveals a hard-core Willie Nelson t-shirt! Here’s another shot with a focus on the Willie T:

Miley Cyrus Willie Nelson t-shirt

The Willie T is no anomaly though, it actually ties into Cyrus’ youth. Back during an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live she revealed that instead of your usual Barbie a young Miley played with a specially hand-made Willie Nelson doll! Here’s the clip in which you get to see the lil’ Red Headed Stranger that was Miley’s pre-Hannah Montana confessor (Willie Doll comes in at around the 1:55 mark):

Here’s a screen cap of the photo Kimmel unleashed in case you’re unable to watch the vid:

Young Miley Cyrus with Billy Ray and Willie Nelson doll

I am firmly in Miley Cyrus’ corner and believe that the seemingly always public provocations she is maneuvering through as she matures into adulthood are an expected outcome from having so much fame thrust on anyone so young. I for one believe she’s going to get through this period just fine, especially if she remembers her roots and reflects upon the Tao of Willie.