VIDEO Sister Wives’ Meri Brown on ‘Catching The Catfisher’ special with Nev Schulman

Meri Brown Catching The Catfisher Nev Schulman special on TLC

In a wonderfully inevitable reality TV crossover event, Catfish host Nev Schulman will be joining Sister Wives star, and catfish victim, Meri Brown in a one-hour special titled “Catching the Catfisher” airing Sunday night on TLC.

In a preview clip for the special, Meri Brown talks about how she was seduced by “Samuel Cooper,” a flirty, sexy businessman with a Southern accent who she says turned out to be a woman:

Meri reveals that Sam and she were both quite flirty in their conversations via text, email and on the phone. Sam would eventually start saying he loved Meri and the two planned to finally meet in person on several occasions.

“There would always be something that interrupted that,” Meri says of their numerous attempted rendezvous. On one of these meet ups, Sam bailed and sent his “best friend Lindsay” in his place. “I was not comfortable around her,” Meri says. “I just got the creeps from her. But I’m sitting here trying to be nice to her, because this is a friend of his.”

Meri Brown catfishing special

Meris says Lindsay made several threats. “She basically told me, ‘Don’t ever screw with us. Don’t mess with him. Don’t hurt him. I will ruin your life. And I will ruin your family.'”

The preview clip doesn’t feature Nev Schulman, but he is obviously connected to the special as evidenced by Meri’s tweets promoting the show:

Unfortunately, I doubt we will get to see the priceless scene featuring Nev and Meri knocking on Sam/Jackie’s door. (I’m getting super giddy just thinking about it!)

“Catching The Catfisher” airs Sunday night at 9/8c on TLC, right after a brand new episode of Sister Wives. You can catch up on all the latest activities from Meri’s alleged catfish Sam (aka Jacquelyn “Jackie” Overton) HERE.

On a side note, Nev (who essentially invented the term catfish with his 2010 feature-length documentary of the same title) calls people who pretend to be someone they’re not in order to lure someone into a relationship a catfish, not a catfisher. Right? So I really think it should be called “Catching The Catfish” instead of “Catching The Catfisher” — that just sounds weird.

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