Meghan King Edmonds shares photo of baby bump two days after giving birth to twins reveals their names!

“I worked on this bump for a long and hard 37 weeks,” Meghan King Edmonds wrote on an Instagram photo of her post-birth baby bump. “You didn’t think I’d give it up that easy, did you?!” Meghan is absolutely right that it takes a while for a baby bump to reduce in size after giving birth — and it’s refreshing to see a mother sharing this aspect of birth.

June 5th, the Real Housewives of Orange County alum — Meghan already announced that she won’t be returing to the show — gave birth to twin boys with husband Jim. She shared the twins’ birth story on her website, where she also revealed that their names are Hayes and Hart. Both names have ties to Meghan and Jim’s families. And both of the twins’ middle names will be King.

Meghan underwent a natural birth with the boys. “I was incredibly conscious of everything happening to my body,” she said of the experience. “I knew what to expect during each stage, I felt present, awake, and enlightened. It was incredibly painful but I enjoyed my breaks between contractions. I feel so powerful.”

Meghan and Jim, who married in October 2014, also have an 18-month-old daughter named Aspen. But Meghan’s blog post indicates that she and Jim won’t expanding their family any further than the three children they have. “Our family is now completely complete,” Meghan wrote.

Amelia Cunningham is a Starcasm writer and editor

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