Meet Vanessa Guerrero of Love in the Wild

Vanessa Guerrero Love in the Wild

NBC is going after both The Bachelor and Survivor in one show called Love in the Wild. This reality vehicle takes ten sexy dudes and ladies and dumps them in the wild of Costa Rica as they form romantic couples and attempt to navigate challenges together to win the show. I’ve been profiling some of the ladies and next up is the exotically beautiful Vanessa Guerrero of Phoenix, Arizona.

The 26-year-old law student is set to receive her Juris Doctorate this year from Arizona State University. She has been a law clerk at the Supreme Court of Arizona as well an extern for The Honorable Judge Murguia. According to her Facebook info page she is:

“Moving to Buenos Aires in July as an exchange-law student! Adios Amigos!”

Love in the Wild is set to premiere on June 29th at 10PM and NBC has been kind enough to provide recent publicity photos of the contestants. Here’s a double shot from the show’s site.

Vanessa Guerrero law student Love in the Wild
^Trae Patton/NBC

According to her profile from NBC Vanessa is aware of her hotness (good to know she owns a mirror), isn’t one to shy away from speaking her mind (should make a good lawyer) and believes that any of the male contestants would be lucky to be with her. I guess Argentina’s gain is our loss and are we to assume that this move would indicate that Vanessa doesn’t win? Hmmmmm.

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Top Photo: Facebook