PHOTOS VIDEO Leonardo DiCaprio’s mystery girl revealed: Anna Jagodzinska (Polish model)

Leonardo DiCaprio's mystery blond is reportedly Polish model Anna Jagodzinska

Last week Leonardo DiCaprio was caught gettin’ his flirt on with an attractive young blond in the Upper West Side of New York City while his new flame Blake Lively was across the country in Los Angeles at the premiere of Green Lantern. (“The heart must go on” right?)

Incognito DiCaprio was in full stealth mode sporting a dark hoodie, baseball cap, jeans, black jacket and black shoes, but it wasn’t enough to elude one persistent Leonardo DiCaparazzo who snapped away as Leo and his mystery “date” laughed it up. Once Leonardo realized his liaison had been captured on camera he appeared to attempt to bargain with the photographer to get the pictures back. How do we know that? Another camera man was videotaping the entire thing!

So who is this mystery blond who has caught the eye of Leonardo DiCaprio? Numerous sites are reporting that it is Polish born Anna Jagodzinska, a 23-year-old super model with an unbelievable resume that includes numerous big name magazine covers and ad campaigns. Here she is on the runway at the 2009 Victoria’s Secret lingerie show:

Polish model Anna Jagodzinska at the 2009 Victoria's Secret Runway show

There has been no official response from anyone (Leonardo, Blake or Anna) about the couple’s night out and it’s important to remember that DiCaprio and Lively aren’t even “officially” dating. So for now this story is just fun tabloid (and blog) fodder that will most certainly get filed away in the overflowing “Leonardo and hot chicks” folder.

That being said, there’s no reason for dedicated DiCapriologists not to do their due diligence in researching this latest addition to his oeuvre! Here she is photographed by Mariano Vivanco for Cesare Paciotti Spring 2011 Campaign:

Anna Jagodzinska in lingerie for Cesare Paciotti Spring 2011 Campaign

And here’s a video clip that includes an interview with Anna from First Face:

For more Anna Jagodzinska visit her rather elaborate website at – there are plenty enough photos, videos and more to keep you occupied for hours! (Just like Leonardo!)

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show photo: Johns PkI / Splash News