VIDEO Dubstepping toddler Tegan puts the rest of us to shame

Dubstepping Toddler Tegan

I have absolutely no rhythm and coordination, so I’m awed by just about anyone who can clap in time to music. But, still… Dubstepping toddle Tegan could probably even impress Abby Lee Miller.

The first video of Tegan showing his electric dance music skills was posted two months ago by Pro Flo — a California dance crew that includes Tegan’s dad — and features the 2-year-old jamming to a remix of John Legend’s “All Of Me.”

His most popular video (by far) is his dance to the dubstep remix of “Crave You.” Fast-forward to the 1:00-mark to see why…

In addition to praise from hundreds of thousands of viewers, Tegan’s skills have been noted by at least one very credible source, Watch more videos of Tegan gettin’ it on his dad’s YouTube channel.

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