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Kendall Jenner dumped for withholding sex from Harry Styles

The Kendall Jenner breakup rumors are true: it was a whirlwind fling for the 20-year-old budding supermodel and her 22-year-old British boy band boyfriend, but the pair is officially done. According to numerous reports, the reason for the Kendall Jenner breakup is a bit of a surprise (or, depending on your perspective, is not surprising at all): it's being alleged that Kendall was withholding sex from Styles. Why? Read on for the details!

PHOTOS Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles are vacationing, making kissy faces together

Are Kendall Jenner and Harry Styles dating? The answer appears to be yes–and they're loving every minute of it. The hot young couple, who first met when a mutual friend introduced them, gallivanted off to St. Barts for a little Christmas season R&R last week, and have been spotted celebrating the New Year's holiday, as well as each other's company. Read on for photos and salacious details galore!