MARRIED AT FIRST SIGHT Matthew Gwynne arrested in Nashville for breaking into girlfriend’s home

Married At First Site Matt Gwynne arrest

Former Married At First Sight star Matthew Gwynne was arrested on Monday after he allegedly broke into his girlfriend’s home after an altercation at a party. He is currently facing a charge of felony vandalism.

Scoop Nashville broke the story on Matt’s arrest, including details from the arrest warrant issued for the 34-year-old former professional basketball player on Saturday. According to the warrant, Matthew and his off and on girlfriend were together at a party on Friday night. The two got into a verbal altercation, and Matt told her that he was going to leave the party and go to her home.

Matt left the party. Just before midnight, the woman “received an email from her home security company advising that there was an entry/exit alarm at her residence.” The woman says getting an email from her security company was a common occurrence, so she wasn’t too concerned.

The woman returned home on Saturday morning at approximately 11AM to find that “her door had been broken into and there was significant damage to the frame of the door.”
The woman told police that none of her property was missing, and it appeared that Matt had only taken his own things. However, the damage to the door was apparently in excess of $2,500, which is why Matt was charged with felony vandalism. The police were helped in identifying Matt as the vandal because the woman had a photo of him taken by her doorbell security camera at 11:32PM Friday night.

According to Scoop Nashville, Matt was arrested at another party on Monday night. Police knew he was there after being contacted by one ore more people at the party who were aware of Matt’s outstanding warrant.

Matt Gwynne was booked into Metro Nashville Jail at roughly 10PM Monday night. He later posted $2,500 bail and was released on Monday just after 1PM. Matt’s next scheduled court date is December 20.

Here is the full narrative from Matthew Gwynne’s arrest warrant:

On 10/30/2021, at 1521 hours, police responded to Ridley Blvd. in Davidson County, in reference to a report of vandalism. The victim advised that the defendant and her were dating off and on. She advised they were both at a party on the night of 10/29/2021 when they got into a verbal altercation. The victim advised the defendant stated he was going to leave the party and go to her residence. The victim advised she told the defendant not to go to her residence and for him to go to his own residence.

The victim advised the defendant left the party while she stayed. The victim advised at approximately 2349 hours she received an email from her home security company advising that there was an entry/ exit alarm at her residence. She advised she did not think much of this alarm as it is a common occurrence. She advised she did not come home until 1100 hours on 10/30/2021. The victim advised when she returned home, she noticed her door had been broken into and there was significant damage to the frame of the door.

The victim advised that none of her personal property missing from the home. The victim advised the only property that was gone was the defendant’s. She advised police that she had a photo of the defendant, from the doorbell security camera, that showed hf was at the location at 2332 hours on 10/29/2021

Matt Gwynne appeared on Married At First Site Season 9. He married Amber Bowles, a much shorter 27-year-old middle school teacher. Matt was an absolute heel on the show, and later admitted to dating other girls while married to Amber. Amber wisely decided to end the marriage on Decision Day.

Here are some compiled Married At First Sight scenes with Matt and Amber:

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