MAFS SPOILERS Are Michaela and Zack still together, or are they divorced now?

On the first full day of of Michaela and Zack’s honeymoon, and just two days after being Married at First Sight, Zach was diagnosed with COVID so they had to spend the first few weeks of their marriage apart. Now, it looks like their union might have had other snags along the way.

COVID snag

Before Zach even boarded the plane to go their honeymoon spot in the Florida Keys, he revealed to his new wife that a friend had tested positive with COVID and discussed with her how he acts and what he needs when he’s sick. The next morning after they spent the night at the honeymoon hotel, Zack felt sick enough to get a rapid COVID test.

Michaela revealed to Rachel and Jose via FaceTime that Zack’s COVID test was positive. Michaela’s was negative, so she went back to Houston while Zack stayed in Florida to quarantine and recover.

“I feel sick, look sick, tired and exhausted,” he shared with the cameras in front of a backdrop of palm trees. He was finding it hard to walk, but still had his sense of smell and taste.

Back in Houston, Michaela said she was feeling sad, irritated, and overwhelmed. Zach told the camera he vowed to make it up to her and hoped she didn’t “resent him for the rest of her life” over this.

The show’s fans have expressed concern over production’s decision to put Michaela on a plane after learning she had been exposed to COVID.

Are Michaela and Zack divorced?

There are several social media clues that hint that Zack and Michaela’s marriage might have been over several months ago.

One is the fact that Michaela has not been wearing her wedding ring in social media posts as far back as May 11, 2021. She posted the below pic on her account @she_is_mic displaying her bare ring finger with a very telling lyric from “Smile” by Jay Z: “But life is short, and it’s time to be free. Love who you love because life isn’t guaranteed.”

Two weeks ago a redditor posted inside tea they say they got from a friend who knows Zach and Michaela, so take it with a grain of salt. According to the redditor Michaela and Zack didn’t make it and broke up at the six-week check-in. According to them, Michaela said yes to remaining married, but Zach said no. There’s a catch though: before he said no, he may have led Michaela on by writing her a letter professing his love for her. This definitely could have put her in a headspace to work it out with him. It would be cruel to say “no” after after a gesture like that. Still, there is no confirmation that any of this truly happened. We’ll have to wait to see.

@mafsfan on Instagram published an anonymous tip in their stories today from someone who works at Bush Airport who claims they saw Zach there holding hands with another girl.

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