Teen Mom Young & Pregnant Is Kayla pregnant? Did she and Luke break up?

Teen Mom Young and Pregnant mom Kayla Sessler pregnant again

MTV has just released a brand new preview trailer for the third season of Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant in which Kayla Sessler reveals: “I’m pregnant again.”

The dramatic two-minute clip (included below) has ALL KINDS of drama, but we will focus on Kayla and Luke. The couple’s first appearance in the trailer features the two of them discussing the possibility of Luke adopting Kayla’s son Izaiah. We’re then shown a brief clip of Izaiah’s father, Stefans, who doesn’t appear too eager to relinquish his parental rights.

In Kayla’s next appearance, she looks to be talking to a therapist as she smiles and reveals that Luke has been unfaithful in the past. “So do you feel like you need to go out and do something too?” the therapist asks her. Kayla keeps smiling and just shrugs.
Fast forward a bit and there’s a scene with Luke talking to Kayla (I assume). “Out of nowhere I find out that you are out kicking it with him,” Luke says as we see a clip of another young man.

After lots of outside voices by the other cast members, we return to Kayla doing an interview with a producer. Once again, Kayla is smiling and even laughing during the scene.

“Did you guys physically hook up?” the producer asks her.
“Yeah, I’ma plead the fifth on that one,” Kayla responds.

The video immediately jumps to a scene in which Kayla looks to be having a HUGE argument with Luke’s family. Kayla is being held back (or potentially shielded) as she declares to everyone else: “That’s between me and Luke!”

There’s a bit of dramatic music before we see Kayla by herself in an interview. “So, I’m pregnant again,” she says.

If Kayla is pregnant again, she has done a great job hiding it on social media. However, her most recent photo certainly could have been hiding a baby bump. Here she is at a close friend’s gender reveal party:

Did Kayla and Luke break up?

Speaking of Kayla’s Instagram, it’s easy to notice that her feed is missing something… Luke! The most recent photo of Luke in Kayla’s feed is from Father’s Day, and the caption could easily have applied just the same if the two were split up. “The kids are lucky to have you!” Kayla wrote. “Happy Father’s Day 👨‍👧‍👦💙”

Prior to the June 20 Father’s Day post, you have to scroll all the way back to April 1 to find Luke. That is a video clip focused on their daughter Ariah and was from Kayla’s snap memories. Luke is barely seen off to the side.

Before the April Fool’s Day post, the most recent photo of Luke on Kayla’s Instagram feed is a family Christmas photo posted on Christmas Eve.

The most recent Instagram post in which I could find Kayla expressing any sort of actual affection towards Luke is from Father’s Day of last year. “Happy Father’s Day Daddy!” she began a caption for a gallery of videos. “We love you 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦💙”

In stark contrast to Kayla’s Instagram feed, Luke has Kayla plastered all over his — including numerous posts with words of affection. Here are just a couple of recent examples, including one from earlier this month celebrating their 3-year anniversary:

This is purely speculation, but it appears to me that Kayla is doing her part to play up speculation that the two have split, but Luke doesn’t have time for that kind of marketing silliness. My guess is that they are still together.

Is Kayla Sessler pregnant again?

Getting back to Kayla’s potential pregnancy, the biggest question that needs to be answered is when Kayla filmed the scene announcing she is pregnant again. Back in April, Kayla did a Q&A with her Instagram followers in which she answered questions about the upcoming season — including when she filmed.
“I’ve been done filming since December,” Kayla revealed. She then teased that the long wait will be worth it, which has seemingly been confirmed by the new preview trailer. “It’s by far the most drama filled season I’ve had,” she added.

An eagle-eyed redditor noticed that Kayla had obvious blonde streaks in her hair early in the preview clip, which were noticeably lightened by the time she made her pregnancy announcement. Judging from her Instagram account, she lightened the blonde streaks in July of this year.

This would seem to line up with additional filming after Kayla stated she was done in April. It would also explain why she doesn’t appear to have a large baby bump in her most recent photos.

I assume that now that the trailer is out, we will be getting more details from Kayla about her pregnancy soon, so stay tuned! Until then, enjoy the dramatic preview!

And more Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant preview clips for good measure, including Kayla’s appearance at the Teen Mom 2 Reunion with Dr. Drew:

Teen Mom: Young and Pregnant Season 3 premieres Tuesday, September 7th at 9/8c on MTV — right after the Season Premiere of Teen Mom OG!.

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