Maci Bookout’s full Facebook fan Q&A interview

Maci Bookout interview Facebook fan Q&A

One of the major reasons for MTV’s hugely successful Teen Mom franchises is the accessibility of the shows’ stars on social media. The network recognizes this fact, and for the last year or so they have been doing regular fan Q&A sessions on the shows’ Facebook pages. The latest participant was fan favorite Maci Bookout, who answered all kinds of fan questions ranging from why her parents aren’t featured on the show to whether or not she plans on having more kids.

Here are all of the questions and answers from the Maci Bookout fan Q&A on the Teen Mom Facebook page:

FAN: What’s your favorite food?

MACI: Hm… that’s a tough one. I just love food in general. haha Whatever I am in the mood for.

FAN: Are you tired of them calling you a teen mom [since] you’re an adult now?

MACI: Yes!! haha It does actually drive me crazy.

FAN: How would you describe Bentley and Jayde’s personalities?

MACI: Bentley is goofy, Jayde is very serious. Both of them are very smart.

FAN: Does Bentley love Taylor and Jayde? 🙂

MACI: Absolutely. He loves his family.

FAN: Hope you don’t mind me asking, but why aren’t your parents in the show?

MACI: They don’t like being in the public eye.

FAN: What is your biggest fear?

MACI: Losing someone close to me.

FAN: Why are there so many reports that you & Taylor broke up?

MACI: Because people are crazy lol… We’re still going strong.

FAN: What did you crave while pregnant with Bentley and Jayde?

MACI: Chinese food and pineapple!

Maci Bookout's kids Bentley and Jayde

FAN: Do you want more children in the future? Bentley and Jayde are so adorable!

MACI: Sometimes I do, and sometimes I don’t. I guess we will see.

FAN: What’s your profession? Can’t remember from watching the show, sorry. 🙂

MACI: I work in marketing.

A big thanks to Maci for taking the time to answer questions, and to MTV for continuing to give fans an opportunity to interact with the stars of Teen Mom OG and Teen Mom 2. Be sure to tune in Monday nights at 10/9c to see more of Maci, Bentley, Jayde, Taylor, and the rest of the Teen Mom OG crew!

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