Lindsay Lohan’s OWN show won’t be a family affair

Lindsay Lohan and Dina Lohan

Lindsay Lohan may be documenting her (hopeful) return to fame on an OWN show, but the Oprah-driven train to stardom doesn’t have extra seats for Dina and Michael Lohan.

TMZ reports OWN producers considered including Lindsay’s parents. However, they ultimately decided the “Lohan Family Circus” would detract from the show’s focus: Lindsay’s comeback and recovery. They won’t even mention Dina’s recent DUI arrest.

This comes as good news to many who recognize the difference between good types of reality TV drama and Lohan types of reality TV drama. Plus, with Dina embroiled legal issues and Michael making snide comments about his own children, it’s pretty obvious they aren’t focused on helping Lindsay right now.

UPDATE Michael spoke with Radar Online about the reports he was cut from the show.

“It is total BS that I am not part of Lindsay’s show, I have filmed three episodes already,” he said. “I imagine I’m going to be shooting more too.”

He implied the family may not be the most functional, but believes that dynamic is an important part of his oldest daughter’s life.

“I would imagine everyone in the family will be shooting more. This is reality TV and we’re a real part of Lindsay’s life. The may be right, wrong, or indifferent, that may be positive or negative, but we’re all a part of her life and that will be shown. I would imagine production wants to make this as real as possible and that includes her family.”

Lindsay’s show is set to premiere on OWN next year.

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