90 DAY FIANCE Larissa smashed Colt pinata with baseball bat at Crazy Horse 3 divorce party

One night after 90 Day Fiance star Colt Johnson celebrated his divorce at the Crazy Horse III gentlemen’s club in Las Vegas, his estranged wife Larissa had her turn with her own divorce party at the Sin City strip club. Just like Colt, Larissa had photographers lined up for her red carpet arrival, but the Crazy Horse III staff had something special in store for the fiery Brazilian once she got inside — a Colt Johnson pinata!

One of the scantily clad CH3 ladies brought out the small Coltee pinata (photos above) soon after Larissa entered the club, and it featured Colt wearing a black tuxedo and his signature glasses.

Pinata Coltee was placed on a small table and Larissa was given a pink baseball bat with the Crazy Horse III logo on it. She proceeded to smash Colt in the head repeatedly until the pinata burst and she was able to retrieve the cash inside.

I’m not sure how much the Crazy Horse III is aware of Colt and Larissa’s history, but having her hit a Colt pinata with a baseball bat might not have been the best choice given the fact that she has been arrested three times for domestic battery after physical altercations with him. ?

In addition to the pinata, the club also had a rather AMAZING cake made for Larissa in honor of the occasion. The cake had the club’s logo as well as a bunch of gold dollar signs and $1,000 bills with Larissa’s face on them:

For fans curious to finally get a good look at Larissa’s new boyfriend, she did not disappoint! The 32-year-old reality star brought him along to the event as she said she would, and before arriving she shared the first clear photo of him on her Instagram page:

And here’s a quick video of him and Larissa after they got fully gussied up:

It’s still too early for us to have any official photos from “Festa Da Rainha Larissa,” but we do have lots of videos and images from us and @RealityDiggers for you!

UPDATE — We have the official image galleries fromt he Crazy Horse III, as well as their recaps of the evening! Here they are:

We’re still recovering from @larissalimareal’s divorce party last night (boy, does she know how to party!) ????❤️?‍♀️?‍♀️??? Upon arrival we gifted the self-proclaimed “queen” with a new iPhone as she has been very vocal about having to use a throwaway phone since she was left with an unworking phone after her ex removed her ability to have cell phone service on it. #larissalima was all smiles, kissing and staying close to her new boyfriend, Eric and even treating him to a lap dance. <> #90dayfiance #90daysanddone #crazyhorse3 photo credit @bsteffyphoto

We surprised the one and only @larissalimareal with a sheet cake covered in dollar signs and $1000 bills – which had her face on the middle of each bill and a groom pinata filled with #crazyhorse3 cash! The highlight of the night was when an excited #larissasantos raced to the main stage in excitement to “make it rain” on some of our beautiful entertainers. Without any notice, the Brazilian babe hopped on stage to do a quick twirl of her own around the pole! ???‍♀️???? Also joining in the party festivities were reality TV stars @heathermarianna and @realtoniaryan! ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #90dayfiance #divorceparty #freedomparty #moneymoves #vegas photo credit @bsteffyphoto

Back to our regularly scheduled post already in progress…

Here is the best of what we could round up — which includes Larissa taking her turn on a stripper pole! (If you’re curious who the other couple is with Larissa and her new boo, that is her close friend Carmen and musician Brian Hanvey.)

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Inside @crazyhorse3lv

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That’s about it for me. (It’s 4AM here in Austin!) I will be sure to update tomorrow if it turns out Larissa had a few more drinks before climbing to the top of one of the poles and declaring to everyone in the club “Who is against The Queen will die!”

UPDATE – Video of the Coltee pinata bashing:

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