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Kylie Jenner has trapped herself in a tabloid prison, and she badly needs to lash out. That’s the takeaway from the latest reports on the 20-year-old half-billionaire, all of which appear to suggest that Kylie’s life–which by all outward appearances is pretty good–has become too tightly constrained by the Kardashians’ need for silence on all major matters, like Kylie’s still technically unconfirmed pregnancy.

We’ll start with the rumors about the baby mama and her suspected baby daddy: Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott still dating? A week ago, Kylie raised eyebrows and engagement gossip in equal measure by flashing a huge diamond ring on Snapchat. Now, talk of Travis’ alleged cheating ways has the couple on the brink of disaster, if the reports are to be believed.

The anonymous insider from the In Touch report that sparked the talk claims that Travis “is cheating on Kylie with a hot 20-something he met while making a music video. It’s been going on for a while. Travis says he loves her,” and adds “Travis is in love, but not with Kylie.”

Those quotes, in turn, set off speculation that the alleged “hot 20-something” could be one of the swimming pool vixens in the video for “Butterfly Effect,” which is Travis’ most recent, and came out this past July:

Beyond the question of “Are Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott still dating,” a pair of other articles focus attention elsewhere in Kylie’s personal life. A major take from British tabloid The Sun claims that the huge baby shower Kylie threw last weekend (for which the pink theme pretty much gave away the gendeof Kylie’s baby), was, in Kylie’s view, a “miserable” disaster.

For starters, Kylie is said to have “HATED her outfit”–so it’s actually kind of handy that all social media was banned at the event, and no official photos have been released. Though she hosted the baby shower in her backyard, Kylie’s first choice of venue was apparently “a trendy nightclub.” And the worst part of all appeared to be the fact that the whole event was planned around Life of Kylie‘s needs, as one attendee attested:

Firstly Kylie had to do [baby shower] as part of the TV show–Kylie had her own ideas, she wanted to do a very young, hip and LA type baby shower–in a cool club with all of her friends there, and the opposite of Kim and Khloe’s plans. But she had do it on a certain date for TV scheduling purposes (so they can show the episode before the baby is born)–but after Kim….It was a pyjama party in the garden, with all of her friends – organised by the TV producers and her mom Kris. Kris is a producer so was stage managing the episode of the show….Kylie didn’t like wearing baggy pyjamas–she’d prefer something sexier or cooler–and of course Travis wasn’t there. He’s on tour. She was upset he couldn’t make it–she knew he’d be on tour, but it’s hard for her.

Finally, People reports that Kylie is especially sensitive about her body right now. It’s changing in uncomfortable ways, *and* forcing her to stay out of the spotlight her social media accounts provide.

“Her body is changing,” said People’s insider, “and [Kylie’s] very self-conscious about it. She’s always been insecure that she’s not as curvy or pretty as her sisters.”

To compensate, it seems Kylie has thrown herself into her ever-expanding business, popup-style:

NEW YORK TAKEOVER! @kyliecosmetics @topshop! Come see the pop up Nov.20th-Dec.20th ♥️

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