Kourtney Kardashian, Scott Disick ain’t getting married y’all


For as long as folks have been paying attention to those cray-cray Kardashians, rumors have circulated about an impending wedding between sister Kourtney and her man Scott Disick. A reliable report from today indicates that it ain’t happening.

E!, you know the home of all the Kardashian shows, cites a source close to the duo (probably one of them) who didn’t mince words about the sitch:

“It’s not happening. They’re very happy as is. It’s a story the tabloids revisit constantly but there’s no truth to it and never has been.”

And just in case another rumor pops up again they added, “Kourtney is also not pregnant.”

So there ya go – no weddings for Lord Disick and Lady Kourt – guess we’ll have to leave that up to that sister of hers, again.

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