Kim Richards’ son Chad Davis is dating Kim’s boyfriend’s daughter Gaby Blumenfeld

Kim Richards son Chad Davis and Ken Blumenfeld's daughter Gaby are dating

It seems boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld wasn’t the only romantic secret The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Kim Richards was keeping. Her 20-year-old son Chad Davis is reportedly dating Ken’s 18-year-old daughter Gabrielle “Gaby” Blumenfeld!

Chad, who has been featured on the show, talked with and confirmed the relationship. Gaby Blumenfeld even posted this next photo of her and Chad with the caption “I could watch you for a lifetime, your my favorite movie, a thousand endings, you mean everything to me 🙂 ”

Kim Richards' son Chad Davis is ating her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld's daughter Gaby

In case you missed it, a couple weeks ago Kim revealed on the show that she had been secretly dating neighbor Ken Blumenfeld for over a year. (Of course that episode was taped almost six months ago!) Kim moved in with Ken right around the time the episode was filmed. We’re not sure how long Gaby and Chad have been seeing each other, but by all accounts their relationship began after Kim and Ken started seeing each other.

Kim Richards with her boyfriend Ken Blumenfeld and his daughter Gaby Blumenfeld
^ Ken Blumenfeld, Gaby, and Kim Richards

I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume the following: Kyle Richards does not approve.

And speaking of Kyle Richards, does anyone else think Gaby and Kyle look alike?

Gaby Blumenfeld and Kim Richards' son Chad Davis dating photo

I’m just sayin!

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