Lady Gaga tweets Marry The Night video still on a gurney with nurses; loathes reality

Lady gaga Marry the Night nurses still

Little monsters everywhere are anticipating Lady Gaga’s newest music video for “Marry the Night.” The Mother Monster and her team have been working hard trying to keep things under wraps, but she tweeted the above image last night with a quote evoking theatrics, imagination, and basically her whole life-as-performance philosophy: “It’s Not that I’ve been Dishonest, It’s Just that I Loathe Reality.”

To be honest, Gaga kinds of looks like Michael Jackson strapped to the gurney, and they’re definitely not in a hospital (unless it’s a special kind of fancy-people hospital I’m not privy to.)

Here’s what else we know about the video most of the video was shot on Staten Island and in Harlem, and it will be another short film. In fact, Gaga tweeted that this will be her longest video to date! It features ballerinas, leopard print, bandages, hospital gowns, a bathtub, and a little girl strapped to a table.

Go to Just Jared to see shot of her dancing in blue lipstick and a black body suit.

According to Gaga, this is the “beginning of the story I never told you.”

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