VIDEO Gia Giudice sings about dire family circumstances in new 3KT song


Gia Giudice’s all girl group 3KT just released a new single, but instead of singing about going to the mall or cute boys, the song features a heartfelt portrayal of Gia’s life and the challenges since her mother’s prison sentence.

The track is titled “Just 13” and carries with it some pretty strong lyrics including:

I guess the elephant is getting too big for the room

Mama said be strong

It’s just a joke to you

I’m just another hashtag

The video for the song was recently released and it’s pretty sad to watch this young, innocent girl singing about her much publicized and heavily scrutinized life. To make it pull at your heartstrings even more, the video features tons of family photos from happier times.


The 3-minute-long video ends with a personal clip Gia recored of a seemingly intimate conversation between her and Teresa before she left for prison. You can hear Gia cry out, “I just don’t know what else to do,” and Teresa replies with an encouraging, “It’s not saying goodbye, it’s saying see ya soon,” and a loving air kiss.

This song is a touching reminder that behind all the headlines are actual people with real families. Despite the illegal activity the Giudices were involved in, you can’t help but feel bad for their children.

On the other hand, the logic is pretty twisted that Gia is now part of a musical group that is trying to gain fame and popularity by using her family situation. Perhaps it’s a form of artist expression? Eh, I doubt it. It seems as though Gia is feeding into the very thing that contributed to her parents demise… fame.

What do you think: Is 3KT’s new song a touching portrayal of a young girl’s life struggles or just another way to capitalize on Gia’s family’s tulmutuous circumstances?

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