PHOTO Kim Kardashian drops something, cleavage falls out

Kim Kardashian's breasts almost pop out while leaning over to pick something up

Normally I’m not a very big fan of gravity – it seems to make every activity outside of blogging about celebrities and watching television such a huge burden. But on occasion this otherwise cumbersome force conspires to create something of genuine beauty, whether it is the majestic tumbling waters of Niagara Falls or Rilke’s falling leaf.

Such was the case earlier today when the big G claimed ownership of one of Kim Kardashian’s possessions causing her to bend over to retrieve it, which in turn allowed gravity to work its wonders on a couple of Kim’s other possessions. The result is pure poetry as these salacious celestial spheres descend, their gentle embrace forming… some amazing cleavage!

Here’s some boom boom zoom:

Force divided by mass never looked so good! Forget apples, Isaac Newton should have used melons for his discovery!