Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are selling their homes to move in together

It looks like Kimye have tipped their hats via some recent under-the-radar real estate listings and are planning to take things to the next level… by moving in together!

You do something in LA and usually TMZ is on it and this was the case as both Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have “pocket listings” for their L.A. area homes. Kim is looking for around $5 million for her Beverly Hills pad while Kanye’s asking price is unknown at this point.

Sources for TMZ (usually VERY reliable) confirm that the reason for these listings is so that the two can rent a house to live in together. They want a private gated place the insiders added (because you know Kim and Kanye “hate” publicity).

The doorway will need to be wide enough to allow for Kim’s bodacious badonk and Kanye’s super-sized ego.

Some seriously well-to-do west coast peeps are about to get a serious surprise when they discover their new neighbors are none other than Kimye!