PHOTOS Kanye West is a college professor now

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If you thought hell would freeze over before you’d hear the words “Kanye West” and “college professor” in the same sentence–except to say that you would never hear those two things in the same sentence–you’ll have to think again.

Kanye is a faculty member–sort of–at the Los Angeles Trade Technical College, where he teaches classes on fashion and the fashion industry.

And not, as you might expect, on disability studies and sensitivity.


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How is this a thing? There’s actually a rather simple explanation.

All the way back in March, when we were all much younger and more naïve, West was sentenced to 24 months’ probation and 250 hours of community service for getting involved in a fracas with a local paparazzo.

So, to chip away at those pesky hours–and work on looking good while he does it–West took his talents to the LATTC. He started there in late spring.


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No word yet on what his classroom demeanor & grading curve are like. If what he’s written on the whiteboard is any indication, though, Mr. West is a stern disciplinarian who expects a lot out of his students, and is given to impassioned speeches to try and wring it from them.


(Photo credits: TeamKanyeDaily)

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