Seth Rogen calls Nancy Grace a ‘f**king dumb**’ for blaming murder on pot use

Seth Rogen v Nancy Grace

Seth Rogen won’t allow Nancy Grace to slander the name of his favorite recreational drug by linking it to violent acts.

Earlier this week, a Denver woman called 911 to report husband Richard Kirk’s erratic behavior after he consumed a candy laced with pot and smoked a joint. While she was on the phone with the 911 operator, Richard shot and killed her. Police are currently investigating whether the candy or joint, which were legally purchased from a Denver marijuana emporium, were pure or if they were laced with something that could better explain Richard’s apparent hallucination.

Despite the uncertainties, HLN host Nancy promoted her coverage of the story with the hashtag #PotToBlame.

In her actual story, Nancy — who has quite a flair for dramatics — neglected some of the facts while making her point that pot was definitely to blame.

“Why does this guy go on a rampage and murder his wife? They have no marital problems. They weren’t talking about divorce. No one is having an affair. He eats a marijuana cookie or brownie and goes berserk,” Nancy exclaimed.

Seth, an outspoken pot supporter, fired back at the controversial newscaster by tweeting “You are a f**king dumba**.”

Despite Nancy’s story and Seth’s reaction, the truth is that police still aren’t certain whether pot is to blame for the tragic murder. But, jumping to conclusions and sensationalizing really never helps… So, in this case, I’ve gotta side with Seth.

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