Joseline Hernandez revisits stripper past in “Shotz” music video

Joseline Hernandez Shotz single cover

“Just because you start off in the strip club doesn’t mean that’s where you finish.” That quote by Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Joseline Hernandez kicks off her latest music video for the song “Shotz,” which was filmed during her vacation to Puerto Rico with co-star and now husband Stevie J and features Joseline heading back to the strip club to show off her twerk ethic.

I should warn you that the video is probably not really SFW given all the Bad Boosh booty and some foul language. Plus, at one point all Joseline is wearing up top are Stevie J’s hands…

Everybody sing, “Hands in the air, b!tches everywhere! Hands in the aiiiiirrrr, b!tches everywheeeerrrre!”

Aw c’mon Mimi! Why aren’t you singing?!?

OK, gotta include a couple of screen grabs, including one of the always colorful Ms. Joseline getting her makeup and hair done:

Joseline Hernandez Shotz makeup and hair

Joseline Hernandez Shotz video Stevie J

Joseline has been very open about being a stripper in the past, and had this to say to Funky Dineva about being stingy with her “kitty cat:”

I have never let a man dig all up in my kitty cat, honey! I was a classic stripper. The top of the line stripper. Guys didn’t even touch me, HONEY! I use to be on stage, and make $10,000 in three songs. Don’t be no hater, you better ask about me back in the day when I use to work at Diamonds. I was the baddest B-tch and I’m still the Baddest B-tch and will forever be the baddest b-tch. Cause that’s what I do! I’m real stingy with my kitty kat. Stevie J was just the lucky one.

Ms. Joseline sure has got a pair of brass ovaries! And brass ovaries sure are entertaining!

Be sure to check out Joseline Hernandez’s other music video for the song “Mi Colta!”

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