Johnny Weir and Victor Vornov reportedly reconciling after nasty divorce drama

Johnny Weir - Victor Voronov Reconcile

Hilary Duff and Mike Comrie reconciling? Sure, I both believe and celebrate those rumors! Johnny Weir and Victor Vornov getting back together? That seemed less likely than getting struck by lightning while getting bit by a shark.

Yet, according to “multiple sources” who spoke with TMZ, the estranged husbands had a long talk over the weekend and decided to give their marriage another go.

Rewind to just last month: Johnny blindsided Victor by announcing his divorce plans. The Olympic figure skater then accused Victor of physical and emotional abuse. Victor fired back by saying Johnny cheated on him multiple times and only got married for a potentially good reality television show foundation. They also battled over ownership of their dog and beloved Faberge Eggs.

Now, they have reportedly smoothed everything over — with the small stipulations that Johnny apologize for his comments and ask his mother to stop meddling. There’s no word on what Victor had to do in exchange, even though Johnny was the one who announce the split and, I’d assume, had a bone to pick.

Neither have addressed the reconciliation splits, but one of Johnny’s recent tweets seemed to indicate things are on the up-and-up…

If the reports are true, hopefully Johnny and Victor will be able to pick their relationship up in a better place than where they left off.

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