Email checkers popping up for Ashley Madison hack


It looks like hackers have followed through on their threat of releasing personal information for millions of users of adultery-seeking website Ashley Madison.

Trustify, a site that lets you “hire your own affordable private detective to check on anyone or anything you wish,” has posted a searchable email database they claim will identify whether or not the entered address was part of the hack.

Here is the link:

♦♦♦ Ashley Madison Email Checker ♦♦♦

Sites are popping up all over claiming they also have the ability to allow you to search the leaked info. Another email checker that might be legitimate is this one, created by programmer @Hilare_Belloc, who was featured in The Guardian for providing the same type of search after a hack of Adobe.

Here’s one more, via security expert Troy Hunt’s “Have I Been Pwned” service.

Wired points out that “Ashley Madison doesn’t verify email addresses when registering accounts, many of the names on the list could be from people playing practical jokes or worse.”

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