Jill Zarin claims Ramona Singer’s husband shoved her

Mario Singer is being accused of pushing Jill Zarin

Jill vs. Ramona is becoming one of the better Housewives showdowns in the franchise’s history. Whether it’s for real or for show doesn’t matter as long as it’s entertaining and the latest accusation cranks the Zarin – Singer battle up a notch.

Jill spoke with E and accused Ramona Singer’s husband Mario of shoving her during an altercation that took place back on June 10 at a party in the Hamptons (of course it was a party in the Hamptons). She made this claim last night during her appearance at the Bad Teacher premiere in New York City. Zarin stated that:

“He definitely scared me. He was belligerently screaming at me in front of friends. I was shocked. He shoved me. Darren (Jill’s assistant/rep) was my witness and he had to get in the middle and tell him to get off of me.”

We love us some Housewives verbal throw-downs but a man getting physical with a woman just doesn’t fly. Another male partygoer in attendance had previously told E that he was the one who broke up the fight. A classic case of assistant he said, random partygoer he said if I’ve ever heard it. At the time Pinot (drink) Ramona denied the whole shebang explaining that, “Jill makes up stories.”

Another Housewife has provided her thoughts as Alex McCord has her doubts about Zarin’s claims basically stating that you shouldn’t believe everything you read (unless it’s in starcasm of course). Interestingly enough Jill, Ramona and Mario were all on hand for last night’s Bad Teacher premiere. As they say, keep your friends close and your frienemies red carpet closer!

Photo: Zarin – Ivan Nikolov / The Singers Izzy WENN.com