Watch the full Lady Gaga “Judas” video, which leaked early of course

Lady Gaga as a biker chick from the Judas music video

First we had Nene Leakes, then we had Wiki-Leaks and now we have Lady Gaga leaks! Pretty much every major event surrounding her new album release Born This Way has been spoiled by leaks on the internet and her new music video for the single “Judas” is no exception. Scheduled to premiere on American Idol later tonight, the biker-themed video starring Lady Gaga as Mary Magdalene and actor Norman Reedus as the literal Hell’s Angel and title character made it’s way onto the web earlier today.

Here’s the video:

I’m a huge Lady Gaga fan but I’m really not feeling this song or the video. I kind of winced the first time I heard it with the “Judah, Judahahahah” opening and there was nothing after that grabbed me either. And the video… Oof. How many times do I have to see a motorcycle gang, or street gang, or prisoners, or zombies moving their hands and feet around in unison? Arms extended, bring the hands together, turn to the left and pump, two, three, four, now to the right and pump, two, three, four…

The videos that helped make Lady Gaga a star had an elevated sense of fun about them which helped mesh the artiness with the pop. Lately it seems we’re not getting much pop but we are getting a heaping helping of artiness that seems severely lacking in fun and taking itself way too seriously. (Although this one did have a “Dirty Mary” scene featuring a lipstick handgun!)

Lady Gaga points a lipstick gun at Judas

All of this is difficult for me to write. (A few months ago I even accepted a bet with a friend of mine who predicted Lady Gaga’s popularity was about to take a nose dive.) I admit the song “Born This Way” grew on me over time, but I think that was more due to the well-crafted anthemic quality to it than the creative and joyful feeling I got from a lot of Gaga’s earlier efforts. So is there cause for concern? After hearing “Judas” I’m beginning to think my $5 may be in serious jeopardy, and apparently I’m not alone.

Bill Lamb at threw out some interesting numbers that seem to suggest the song may be Lady Gaga’s first major flop since her skyrocket to fame began. (“Flop” seems like a silly term to use for a Top 20 single, but I would agree with a term like “big disappointment.”)

It does look like “Judas” may have the honor of being considered the first true commercial flop for Lady Gaga since her single “Just Dance” first hit the charts. “Judas” opened on the Billboard Hot 100 at #10 after just three days in release, but it fell to #12 in its first full week despite healthy growth in radio airplay. Now, less than three weeks after its release, the future commercial prospects for “Judas” look rather poor.

Lady Gaga with crazy fingernails and eye makeup from the Judas video

So what do you think? Is Lady Gaga trying too hard? Am I making a mountain out of a molehill here? Does my opinion even really matter?

(Don’t worry – I’m still a Little Monster!)