Timeline of Jenelle Eason and sister Ashleigh’s feud

Teen Mom 2 Jenelle Evanswith sister Ashleigh Wilson and mom Barbara Evans

Former Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Eason took to Instagram this weekend to answer a number of frequently asked questions about her estranged sister, Ashleigh Wilson. Jenelle’s videos caused quite a traffic spike for our numerous articles about Ashleigh over the years, so I thought I would compile a timeline of those posts — including all of the public backstabbing and feuding between the two siblings.

First, I will start with Jenelle’s Instagram stories. Here are the original questions followed by a transcript of Jenelle’s answer:

QUESTIONS: What happened to your sister? Why don’t you talk about her? Why is she never in your videos?

JENELLE: Haha! So, yeah, about her. Me and her didn’t have the best relationship growing up. She had her own friends, I had my own friends.

When we moved to North Carolina, things changed. She got into a gothic phase, and I was a high school cheerleader. And we definitely didn’t get along then because it seems like my sister was jealous over me.

[Having a hard time imagining Jenelle as a cheerleader? Here’s a throwback photo to help you out!]

MORE FROM JENELLE: Later on in life I ended up on this show, and then things only got worse from there. She has mental health issues. She sold me out to the tabloids making up stories that aren’t even true.

When something goes bad in my life, that’s the only time that she will comment on my life.

So, I hope she’s doing well, but it’s better if I cut her off.

Jenelle Evnas & sister Ashleigh drama timeline

Click the dates for the full posts:

July, 2012 – Jenelle and Ashleigh have a huge falling out after Jenelle reportedly took money given to Ashleigh by Barbara so that she could move to California. “My sister got beat in the face and I left at 3am from her house becuz her husband was coming home I was scared,” Jenelle said of the incident, adding: “My mom gave me $500 cash for the trip and when I heard her husband was going to be around I dipped out.” Jenelle shared a rather gruesome photo of Ashleigh with an injured face as evidence of her first husband’s violent nature.

July, 2012 – Ashleigh says the abuse photo was fake. Jenelle was incredulous: “If it was fake then she lied to my entire family and the government.”

August, 2012 – Jenelle posts a video on YouTube that features audio of a woman screaming at her son and alleges that it is Ashleigh and her son, Gabriel. There is also a text message from Barbara that suggests Ashleigh is in possession of a Jenelle Evans sex tape with two other guys?!

September, 2013 – Jenelle’s estranged husband Courtland Rogers is arrested for allegedly harassing Ashleigh via telephone. The story broke via Radar Online, and Jenelle insisted at the time that she knew nothing about it. “Yeah ok dude, my sister is crazy,” reads one of Jenelle’s tweets. “She probably sold the story cuz her car just broke down.”

January, 2015 – Jenelle and Ashleigh’s feud reignites online as Jenelle interprets Ashleigh’s pregnancy announcement as her sister trying to ruin her vacation with Nathan. Wait, what? (You just have to read the post.)

Jenelle Evans sister Ashleigh from Being Barbara

July, 2016 – Ashleigh makes her MTV debut as part of the Teen Mom 2 “Being Barbara” special.

July, 2016 – After Ashleigh’s appearance on Being Barbara, we checked in and caught everyone up on the drama in her life since the Jenelle pregnancy vacation debacle. It covers her happy days with her estranged ex, Lee, the alleged kidnapping of her son in early 2016, and everything else right up until the date of the post.

August, 2016 – Ashleigh denounces Jenelle after Jenelle finally confirms she is pregnant with Ensley. Ashleigh explains her decision to pack up her kids and move to New Jersey to give Lee another chance.

November, 2016 – Ashleigh’s trip to New Jersey DOES NOT GO WELL. She hurls all sorts of allegations of abuse at Lee, and his family responds with accusations that Ashleigh was a prostitute (with a photo receipt). Lee REALLY goes off on Ashleigh on Facebook as he posts her phone number and declares: “Trust me if I didn’t have kids and a family and a good job I’d beat her ass until there’s no tomorrow.” He concludes his tirade by referring to Ashleigh, Jenelle, and Barbara as “nasty hillbilly ‘MTV’ superstars.”

November, 2017 – After a two-year custody battle for the youngest of her two boys, which has included multiple accusations of kidnapping and a high-speed police chase, Ashleigh feels that the legal system has let her down thanks to her “royal piece of f**king sh*t” attorney. She shares multiple videos on Facebook asking for help.

May 2018 – Mom Barbara Evans tries to help Ashleigh regain custody of Atlas. Unfortunately, Ashleigh’s recent court appearance did not go well — AT ALL — and now Barbara and Ashleigh are saying they will be going on national television soon to expose the “Onslow County corrupt judicial system.”

February, 2019 – Ashleigh buys herself a house, with a little help from her mom, Barbara. (I cannot imagine this made Jenelle very happy!)

May, 2019 – Soon after it was announced that CPS was taking Jenelle’s children away from her, Ashleigh responded by asking for prayers for Jace, Kaiser and Ensley. She also offers to take Ensley in.

June, 2019 – In the midst of Jenelle and David’s custody issues after CPS took their children away, Ashleigh took to Facebook to declare: “I’m not trailer trash like the rest of my family.” In addition to listing the reasons she isn’t like her family, Ashleigh also posted a photo of her son Gabriel at a restaurant with Jace and Ensley. “My sweet niece and nephew and son ❤️❤️,” Ashleigh captioned the image.

May, 2021 – [This post] Jenelle shares a series of Instagram story videos explaining why she and Ashleigh no longer have anything to do with each other. Essentially, Ashleigh has been jealous of Jenelle since high school, and the jealousy only intensified when Jenelle was on Teen Mom 2.

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