BEFORE THE 90 DAYS Sean’s ex Abby moves on, is now dating another American businessman

Before the 90 Days Abby dating new boyfriend

Before the 90 Days couple Abby and Sean Hiler publicly announced their split a month ago, and Abby has already moved on! The young Haitian college student made the announcement on social media today, revealing that she is “in a beautiful new and exciting relationship” with an American businessman in his 30s.

Here is Abby’s Facebook announcement:

I’m in a beautiful new and exciting relationship. The man I have been waiting and looking for. He was unaware of me being on the show and doesn’t care about the show. He doesn’t want anything to do with the show or lime light. He is from the States and very successful business man. To all my friends that I have met and connected with Thank you for your love and support. Yes your girl Abby is doing great and very happy in this new adventure. Love all my supporters

I know some of you will still judge saying that it’s only been a month etc but it wasn’t planned. It’s someone I met recently and we just connected so beautifully we decided to date days after we met. But at the end of the day , it’s my life, my decision to make!
The love of your life doesn’t come to you just like that !
Good day guys!

When Abby shared the announcement on Instagram, she added a caption. “I hope it lasts! He’s young like the youngest I’ve ever dated but mature, with the greatest sense of humor, beautiful heart!” Abby explained that we won’t be seeing any photos of her new man because of her previous bad experiences dating in the public eye. “Social media didn’t help me much in my previous relationship!” Abby wrote, adding a ? emoji before continuing: “so I won’t post any pictures of us!”

Abby’s no picture policy turned out to be a bit of a fib, however, as she later shared a couple of photos — just not of her beau’s face. In one, the two are holding hands as he is driving, and in the other, we can see his jaw and chest as he drinks from a water bottle:

Before the 90 Days Abby new boyfriend hands
Before the 90 Days Abby new boyfriend photo

Abby was quick to head off the fib truthers. “I remember what I said: I’m not gonna put my relationship on social media. That’s just a half picture of him people! No need to remind me what I said.” She signed off that caption with “Love and light?” and a string of smitten hash tags that included luckyme #hefinetho #hesmine and #notgonnashowhisface.

It seems clear that Abby is not fully aware of the kind of technology currently available as far as chin recognition software goes! We ran the tank top snap above through Starcasm’s state-of-the-art investigatorial mainframe, and it came back with a match:

Abby new boyfriend Jorge Nava

Hmm… 😉

Despite having such a negative experience on social media since her appearance on Before the 90 Days, Abby was still nice enough to respond to a number of comments about her new relationship — including quite a few that were less than favorable. Here are some excerpts:

COMMENTER: Hey Abby just wondering if you’d ever date someone local? Just seems like you only date foreigners lol but you are an aries and aries love adventure

ABBY: I date foreigners because I love white man just like some people love other races. There are white looking Haitians but I don’t want anything to do with them just like they wouldn’t want anything to do with me since I’m not rich ! They are in the upper class stealing the Haitian resources ect… they wouldn’t like me ?

COMMENTER: Best of luck girl and to Sean too..hopefully you guys can still be friends! You’re a boss bitch!!

ABBY: Thank You?? Sean is a good person! But my boyfriend doesn’t like the idea of me and Sean staying in touch ? which i understand.

COMMENTER: Good luck sis omg is he Dominican??? You gotta tell me that much lol ????????????? Wishihg you a beautiful lasting relationship my love ???

ABBY: no sis he’s white american but he comes here a lot? and thank you hun?? love you!

Congratulations to Abby on her new love interest! I would say that I am hopeful that she might opt to appear on Before the 90 Days once again with her new boyfriend, but judging from what she has said about her experience with fame, I don’t think that’s going to happen.

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