It’s Friday so how about a cheerleader making a half-court front handspring trick shot?


On Thursday night, cheerleader Ashlee Arnau of William Carey University in Mississippi made the best hoops trick shot I’ve ever seen.

As part of the halftime entertainment Arnau made it rain with a shot so sweet it ended up topping SportsCenter’s top plays last night. In the midst of a front handspring Ashlee lifted the ball from half court vaulted it through the air and… SWISH!

Ashlee is a member of the University’s soccer team and now part of the illustrious viral trick shot YouTube Hall of Fame. Freaking awesomeness Miss Arnau.


I admit I had to laugh when many of the viewers of the clip commented on how the dudes in the crowd are not impressed. I think I would’ve ran out on the court celebrating with Ashlee.