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Inklings of rumors about a Fosters musical episode have been trickling ’round the net ever since the cast started to do publicity for the second half of The Fosters Season Three. Thanks to that publicity (and some handy social media updates) we now have a fair idea of just what the Fosters musical episode will contain–and who we can expect to take center stage when the episode finally does air.

Maia Mitchell, who portrays Callie on the popular Freeform drama, and David Lambert, responsible for Brandon, recently dished on the Fosters musical episode to According to Lambert himself, the unexpected conceit comes out of a desire for his character to try and get over Callie…which is why the Fosters musical episode is also an adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. (Rumors that the show was going to remake Tobias Fünke’s Much Ado About Nothing proved unfounded.)

As Lambert put it,


Brandon is doing a musical adaptation of Romeo and Juliet for a senior project in high school. So, he enlists the help of a few familiar faces. You’ll see his friend Matt (Jordan Rodrigues) help him out with the music. Ashley Argota, who played Lou, will be back to play a part in it. We have Garret Clayton, who made [a recurring] appearance in Season One. Then we have new faces. Corbin Bleu will be joining us for the musical….[The musical] culminates in one episode. It ramps up to it with rehearsals and that kind of thing. But the actual musical will be about half the episode. There are 12 original songs and it is a pretty full-on kind of production that you get pulled out.


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In addition, Maia Mitchell confirmed the one Fosters musical episode rumor it seems like everyone was wondering about: namely, what fans can expect to see between Callie and Brandon. “We all get to have a little sing,” Mitchell explained. “I am not in the musical, but I got to sing a little bit. Callie plays guitar.  We have never established her as a singer, but she kind of helps Brandon out in rehearsals a bit.  They have a little bit of a duet—a Brandon-Callie duet, which is a long time coming.”

That doesn’t necessarily mean fans should expect more alone time for the couple, though. In fact, as Lambert told TV Guide, the opposite is likely true: “[Sexy time] is obviously still [on his] mind and it’s still kind of a fresh wound. It still definitely stands that they have to bury it all and try to move on for the greater good….It’s a catharsis for Brandon and over time he realizes that. There’s a lot of parallels between Brandon and Callie and Romeo and Juliet.”

That last comment in particular has Fosters musical episode fans all atwitter. Does Lambert mean that Callie is secretly much younger than she told Brandon she is? Should we expect to see more drama between Callie’s adoptive parents and her biological father? Or will the Fosters musical episode end with the tragic deaths of both Brandon and Callie?

Fosters co-creator and Fosters musical episode director Bradley Bredeweg certainly gave nothing away with his holiday tweets from the set–though he did drop related hints:

It’s also possible that Mariana (Cierra Ramirez) will play a major role. Fans were quick to point out that, independent of The Fosters, she has a thriving career behind the microphone:

This is all very well and good–but when can we expect to actually see the Fosters musical episode? Well, we already know it’s the third season’s penultimate installment; and we further know from the font of data that is IMDB that the Fosters Season Three finale will air on March 28th. It seems logical to assume, then, that the Fosters musical episode and Shakespeare-stavaganza–entitled, fittingly enough, “The Show”–will air one week before that: Monday, March 21st, at 8 PM EST on Freeform.


(Photo credits: Fosters musical episode via Instagram, Twitter)

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