Is Dave Chappelle returning to stand-up with Chris Rock?


After a recent appearance with Chris Rock, reclusive comedian Dave Chappelle is once again the center of rumors and speculations as eager fans are hoping that he might be returning for a full stand-up tour.

Chappelle spent three nights on stage at New York City’s legendary Comedy Cellar sharing the spotlight with fellow funnymen Rock, Kevin Hart, Marlan Wayans and Paul Mooney. Dave had the audience in his hands as he did his thing and during an exchange with Rock the two stars joked – or hinted if you’re hopeful like I am – about a possible full-on tour together.

It seemed in jest, but Rock took it next level when he stated his calendar would be open after Halloween. Chappelle responded by saying that this proposed show could be called, “Fireside chats with Chris Rock.”

Dave Chappelle made one of the most unsuspecting moves in TV history when he walked away from his incredibly popular hit The Chappelle Show in 2005 (man, has it been that long!?!). He insisted at the time that he just needed a break after he was thrust into superstardom, but he never returned. In his wake he left a work of art that lasted only 2 1/2 seasons but stands as arguably the funniest TV show ever.

The show’s Season 1 sales in 2004 surpassed The Simpsons to become the overall bestselling television show on DVD at the time, according to Videoscan.

Since that time, Chappelle has lived in peaceful anonymity with his family in the town of Yellow Springs, Ohio.

I, for one, want Dave to do whatever he feels like doing. That’s exactly what he did when he dropped the unforgettable reenactment of Charlie Murphy’s tales that I’ll never forget. If he does decide to tour again, I’ll be there – if I can get a ticket of course.

Image: | Joseph Marzullo/