Is Amber Portwood leaving Teen Mom?

Teen Mom Amber Portwood is reportedly still struggling with depression and is still suicidal

As the legal realities of Teen Mom Amber Portwood recently closed in around her, new details would seem to indicate that her days on the MTV show that made her famous could very well be numbered.

As we reported, Portwood has been accepted in to a live-in halfway house called Sister 2 Sister Ministries. TMZ has dug up further specifics in regards to the court’s ruling and the details don’t seem to leave much room for reality TV.

Law enforcement sources stated that her time to be spent at Sister 2 Sister Ministries could be up to 3 years. In addition, she has to get a full time 9-5 type court-approved job that she must attend at least 5 days a week. All this seems pretty straight forward but here’s the kicker…

The judge has banned Amber from taping any MTV project while at the halfway house or at her job or during court appearances. In addition she can’t shoot any footage while being in the presence of any of the other girls housed at Sister 2 Sister.

As we reported, The judge was on the ball and contacted MTV to make sure they wouldn’t attempt any kind of breech of contract suit against Portwood and they assured the court this would not happen.

Remember, all of these requirements as listed above are needed to be done by Amber to keep her out of jail. She can’t just casually break these rules and get a slap on the wrist. Best I can tell, she’s mandated to either be at the halfway house, at work, and sometimes in court so I’m not seeing where she would have much if any time for cameras. Oh, and in case you’re wondering, her employ with MTV does not count as the above required court-approved full time job.

While going through this court case, Amber testified to the judge that she would be willing to quit Teen Mom. She said:

“I want to quit [Teen Mom], and I will.”

In light of this news, do you think Amber’s days on Teen Mom are over and if so is that a good thing for her and her daughter Leah moving forward?

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