Farrah Abraham dishes on the Teen Mom reunion, her parents’ relationship, and Daniel Alvarez

Farrah Abraham of 'Teen Mom'

Farrah Abraham said goodbye to Teen Mom two weeks ago when the fourth season of the show came to an end but fans still have a few questions such as the real reason behind why she calls her dad “Michael,” what she really thinks of Daniel Alvarez, and how she is doing with her mother. Luckily, Farrah is answering it all.

In a new interview, Farrah discussed her relationship with boyfriend Daniel Avarez. She goes after his finances, saying he “had no money to buy a ring.” (Hmm, THAT’s why you guys didn’t get engaged?) Daniel saidl he and Farrah broke up following the dinner fans saw on the show and a night out on the town when she insulted his friends, Farrah gives her own take. “To be honest, when the cameras went off, he freaked out in front of his friends and I left that night. The next night he never showed up at the hotel, which you all saw.” She adds, “He’s a little boy, I’m not.”

Farrah Abraham of 'Teen Mom' with Daniel Alvarez and Sophia

Since breaking up with Daniel last year, she hasn’t had much luck dating and her most recent relationship with John Parra just ended — via text! Could Farrah be the problem or is she just not meeting the right guys?

As for the way she refers to her father by his first name, Farrah explains, “I’ve said it before, it’s all because I have a half sister and because my mom lived her life before I was born. I try to make amends with everybody and keep it fair, so I call him Michael like she calls him Michael, and I say dad when I’m just with him. I just understand to be aware of other people’s feelings and touchy subjects.”

Farrah Abraham of 'Teen Mom'

On last week’s Teen Mom reunion special, Farrah told a different story, blaming it on how Michael handled the split with her mother, Debra. “It’s hard to call your parents ‘mom’ and ‘dad’ when you’ve lost respect for them,” she told Dr. Drew.

In a previous interview, Farrah had claimed it was her mother who instructed her to call him Michael, “If others look at this as a disrespectful thing then you can talk to my mom about it. I never started it, I was taught to do it this way.”

Whatever the reason is for Farrah calling her dad Micheal really is, it doesn’t seem to hold the same weight when it comes to Sophia. “I don’t agree with how my mom now is having Sophia call my dad Michael. It’s kind of something my mom started and tries to continue to press, and I’ve just said ‘No, Grandpa Abraham. Grandpa.'”

Farrah Abraham and her mom on 'Teen Mom'

Speaking of Michael, it was revealed on the Teen Mom reunion special that he and Debra were still close even after their split. In fact, Farrah made it seem as though they even interact and go out as a couple. So, where are they now? According to Farrah they are still not together. She even states that her father calls her mom “my ex-wife” but her mom calls her father “my husband.” “Somebody’s a little bit off. I’ve said enough about my mother, but some people need a little wake-up call and I’m sick of giving it to them,” she adds.

Although they bickered til the death on Teen Mom, Farrah claims that she and her mom are better now. Luckily, Farrah has learned how to deal with Debra. “It’s best to just act like a mother and a daughter. That’s what I try to do — accept my mom for being my mom now and if she wants to get off that path and start to talk about serious things, I just let it go because I don’t want to argue and waste our time together.” She adds, “I just kind of go, ‘Mmmkay,’ and turn the conversation back to family or Sophia or let’s go to the zoo, or something like that. My mom likes to bicker I think.”

Farrah also said that she has no regrets about last week’s Teen Mom reunion special. “I’m just living life in the moment. You can’t really see everything, so maybe you think I’m being too harsh, but really I’m probably not,” she explains. There you have it!

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