Hugh Grant had an incredibly awkward Oscar interview

Hugh Grant and Annie McDowell at the Oscars

Andie MacDowell and Hugh Grant at the Oscars

Hugh Grant attended the 2023 Oscars to present with Andie MacDowell for Best Production Design, but he didn’t exactly seem thrilled to be there.

His attitude with Ashley Graham during a red carpet interview gave off the curt vibes of a teenager being grilled by their parents about their school day.

Instead of keeping up social niceties, Hugh kept things simple and a bit too honest.

When asked if he was excited to see anyone win this year, he replied, “No one in particular.”

A popular red carpet question is to ask celebrities “who” or “what” they’re wearing. Hugh replied that he was wearing, “just my suit.” When prodded about who designed it, he attributed his suit to his unnamed tailor.

Ashely Graham tried to connect with Hugh about his own personal connection with this year’s Oscars. “What does it feel like to be in Glass Onion, such an amazing film? How fun is it to shoot something like that?” she asked him.

“well, I’m barely in it. I’m in for about three seconds,” Hugh replied.

“But still, you showed up and you had fun right?” Ashley asked.

“Uh, almost,” Hugh retorted.

At the beginning of the awkward exchange, Ashley misunderstood a kind of obscure reference Hugh was making by saying that the Oscars was all “Vanity Fair.” Of course, the Oscars is famously followed by an after party put on by the Vanity Fair publication, but Hugh was referencing a (*) 19th century satire of the same name that skewered those who seek wealth and social power.

Hugh continued to garner attention by comparing his face to a scrotum while presenting the Best Production Design award.

“We’re actually here to do two things,” Hugh said as he stood on stage with Andie MacDowell, who he starred in the cult classic romance Four Weddings and a Funeral (*) “The first is to raise awareness about the vital importance of using a good moisturizer. Andie has been wearing one every day for the last 29 years. I have never used one in my life.”

He said that Andie was “still stunning,” but he was “basically a scrotum.”

All Quiet on the Western Front won best production design this year.

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