Bobbi Kristina Update: Hearse arrives outside Bobbi Kristina hospice

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In the latest Bobbi Kristina update, a hearse has arrived at the Bobbi Kristina hospice. According to multiple reports, the hearse pulled up quietly and backed into the large white tent that went up outside of the Peachtree Christian Hospice yesterday afternoon.

Yesterday, the mysterious white tent was erected outside the back doors of the Bobbi Kristina hospice– and enveloped the area completely, so that onlookers could not see what might be going on inside. Speculation about the state of Bobbi Kristina’s health immediately went wild, with observers positing that Bobbi Kristina had taken a turn for the worse.

Neither the Brown nor the houston families have offered comment on the tent–or, now, the hearse–and only responded indirectly to local media that nothing about Bobbi Kristina’s health had changed.

It’s not immediately clear whether the hearse is still inside the tent, or whether it has pulled away. The Daily Mail suggested that the hearse appeared to be “loaded with something hidden behind a tent” but didn’t state definitively whether that had happened.

Wednesday was a “somber” day at the facility. Pat Houston appeared for the first time in several days, and looked tense as she emerged from her car. Other appearances included that of Ray Watson, Whitney Houston’s former bodyguard, who stayed in his car for 30 minutes after visiting Bobbi Kristina; and Bobby Brown’s brother Tommy.

It’s believed that Tommy is the first Brown other than Bobby to visit the Bobbi Kristina hospice since the Houstons had all Browns banned from the facility following the deathbed photo scandal of two weeks ago.


(Photo credits: WENN)

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