Florida Representative explains desire to repeal ban on dwarf tossing

Florida Representative Ritch Workman

Ritch Workman is a working man’s best friend. Well actually he’s more of a good friend to those who believe we need to do whatever it takes to increase Floridians’ civil liberties.

Jimmy Kimmel ran with the story of Workman’s desire to repeal a state law that bans the act of dwarf tossing with a funny clip featuring some images of said activity. This clip thrust Workman into the media spotlight and he’s taken to his Facebook page to explain himself. Time to toss it on over to Ritch now:

I’m sure all of you have heard about the monologue on Jimmy Kimmel Thursday night poking fun at a Bill to Repeal The Dwarf Tossing Law. I want everyone to clearly understand this is not to create JOBS, but an attempt to remove unneeded legislation that is crowding our law book for the State. I stated at the beginning of this session that I would make it my goal to decrease the number of laws giving Floridians MORE Civil Liberties. Some of these laws may seem silly to some, but please look at the big picture for Florida. Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean we need to make a law against it. Enjoy the clip from Jimmy Kimmel.

That’s a great lead in Ritch! Time to toss it on over to Jimmy:

In a recent radio interview Workman further explained his position. He believes the act of dwarf tossing to be, “a ridiculous activity done in bars,” but that the State of Florida has no business stopping a consenting adult, as he puts it, from making a fool out of themselves. It should be their own decision and I’ll be darned if I don’t agree with him! The Florida Current, a political publication had the following detailed information about the topic:

A representative of the Little People of America said the group hasn’t had time to study the bill but he raised concerns about the safety of people with dwarfism being thrown.

HB 4063 would repeal Florida Statute 561.665, which prohibits anyone who sells alcohol on premises from permitting any recreational activity “involving exploitation endangering the health, safety, and welfare of any person with dwarfism.”

The state can fine up to $1,000 or suspend the license to sell alcohol for anyone who violates the law.

Here is a clip of the act in question that was posted to YouTube by Xtreme Magazine:

I think the question here is not whether he’s right about the State infringing on a individual’s right to do dumb things whilst imbibing but whether or not the legislature should be investing valuable time on something that might be deemed as frivolous. Personally, I have to admit I’m “up in the air” on this one.

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