VIDEO Johnny Depp stumbles during Hollywood walk of shame

Johnny Depp falls down

Johnny Depp apparently got his drink on at Hollywood’s 25 Degrees because when he emerged he was barely able to walk and took a tumble as some dude tried to help him to his car.

Not only did he have a nice trip but Depp managed to get up and half-heartedly sign an autograph. The star of the upcoming The Rum Diary just shook off the fall and managed to make it to the car. We’re about to get to the clip but I feel it is necessary to provide a substantial ear bleeding warning before hand.

Whoever the dude is that shot this footage might very well be the most irritating person alive. I almost didn’t run this post simply because doing so somewhat supports this guy being able to eat and take up valuable oxygen. He doesn’t shut his pie hole and he left me wishing Depp would have regurgitated some beer and whiskey right in his face.

In light of this fact I’ve embedded the following song you can play while watching the clip of Johnny on mute. Trust me, you’ll be glad that you did:

Now take it away Johnny!


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