Florida cops arrest Florida cop for alleged oral sex barter


A Florida police officer has been arrested by other Florida police officers after he allegedly allowed a suspected drug offender to walk free in exchange for oral sex.

On Monday, the Broward Sheriff’s Office arrested its own Deputy Ted Arboleda and charged him with the felony crime of “unlawful compensation or reward for official behavior.”

Following a year-long investigation, here is what is said to have happened back on July 13, 2013:

• Arboleda started a conversation with the unnamed woman at a Denia Beach gas station.

• During the chat he discovered that the woman was in possession of marijuana and an unlabeled bottle of prescription pills.

• Arboleda was also aware that she had driven to the store without a driver’s license.

• The woman offered him money and begged him not to arrest her, informing him that he was already on probation. He refused the money.

• He offered to drive the woman home and when they arrived at her residence she offered him oral sex in exchange for letting her walk. He accepted this proposal.

• Arboleda left without arresting the woman.

So how did this cop’s coworkers come to learn of his alleged misdeeds? It turns out that the boyfriend of the woman in question was the one who notified the authorities.

Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel said, “It’s discouraging and it’s demoralizing to the 99.9% of the men and women that work so hard and so diligently.”

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