PHOTOS JWoww and Roger get matching Meilani footprint tattoos

JWoww Meilani Alexandra Footprints tattoo shoulder

Former Jersey Shore star Jenni “JWoww” Farley is no stranger to tattoos, but the 28-year-old mom recently got a tattoo in honor of her daughter Meilani that she describes as “my most meaningful one,” adding, “I think it’ll forever be my favorite because it’s of our first born!” The tattoo session was also a couples bonding event as JWoww’s husband Roger Matthews got a matching tattoo, which features a stencil of Meilani’s footprints from the delivery room the day she was born, on his left side:

Roger Mathews Meilani Alexandra footprints tattoo

Roger posted the photo above on Twitter and simply titled it with the hashtag #ProudPappa

“Roger and I went and got tattoos of our baby girl Meilani’s footprints and it was such a special experience for the both of us to share with each other,” JWoww wrote on her website along with a gallery of tattoo pics. “It was something the both of us had talked about for a while and we finally did it!”

JWoww posted this next photo on instagram showing both tattoos and referred to her and Roger as “officially corny cute parents:”

We're officially corny cute parents lol

Zdjęcie zamieszczone przez użytkownika Jenni JWOWW (@jennijwowwmtv)


“I love how it’s a permanent reminder of the commitment we have to love and protect our baby angel and to provide the most amazing life we possibly can for her,” JWoww wrote. “That bond Roger and I have with our chunk is unlike any bond I’ve ever had and these tattoos symbolize that connection that will forever hold us together as a family. She is our everything and we are so blessed to have the most perfect baby girl we could ever ask for!”

The tattoo completes a very meaningful and poetic multi-generational shoulder-blade diptych for JWoww, who previously got a pair of praying hands clasping a cross tattooed on her right shoulder-blade in honor of her grandma.

Prior to the tattoo trip, JMomm and Pappa took Meilani to take photos with Santa, but in typical hilarious JWoger style, there was some ulterior motives involved:

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