Farrah Abraham talks ‘men getting out of hand with their penises’ in response to Uber ‘almost raped’ story


Teen Mom OG star Farrah Abraham has commented in depth about the already infamous “almost raped” Uber story.

Before we get into what Abraham told Nik Richie on his latest NRP podcast, here’s a quick summary of what happened:

On Farrah’s own podcast she commented that an Uber driver “almost raped” her (her words). When outlets followed up, it was revealed that the driver filed a complaint, Farrah was banned from ever using the services again and that Abraham never filed her own complaint with Uber.

A video was made by Farrah of police responding to the scene, but all it showed was Farrah being vocally critical of the driver while cops were trying to ascertain what happened. Farrah later tried to explain that it was how the driver ogled her that made her uncomfortable and that she believed him to be “mentally disabled.”

Okay, here we go:

Richie: What was your gut reaction?

Farrah: I sometimes feel like no one understands this feeling. And I’ve gotten feelings like this before where, like, it takes over… Maybe other women who have been, like, victim to almost being assaulted or what not feel this. It’s like this overwhelming feeling and it’s telling you to, like, leave wherever you are and you clearly know it’s not safe and maybe like goes to your gut or something?

Richie: You felt like rape was coming to you?

Farrah: I just felt like I was going to, like, be assaulted or raped and I needed to leave.

Richie: So Simon (Farrah’s boyfriend at the time, Simon Saran) was not with you in the car?

Farrah: So I first went in the car. I said, ‘Hey this guy is, like, staring at me, it’s, like, very uncomfortable.”

Richie: Where was he staring?

Farrah: It’s, like, you get in a car service and they can turn around and look back at you… I said to him, “Like, can you be appropriate or do I need to leave?” He’s, like, “Oh no, no. everything is fine.” He’s f***ing staring at me… I mean this guy was, like, turned around staring at me and I’m, like, “What’s going on?” I question things a lot so I definitely used my voice there and I was, like, this is a bad situation and the bad feeling I felt. So I got out and said, “Dude, I don’t feel comfortable. This guy’s trying to rape me or trying to do something, like, I don’t know what’s going on.” And so Simon’s like, “Let me go out and talk to him to see what’s going on here. ”

I don’t know what had gone on between them. They were yelling, Simon was getting out of his car. The guy was, like, coming to try and talk, like running in, and then, like, Simon pushed him into the wall.

Richie: So this guy never touched you? This was eye rape?

Farrah: (Laughing) This is definitely assaulting someone but, like, you’re violating me by looking at me. Stop f***ing doing that s**t… Don’t stare at me or act like a rapist or look me up and down. I have a severe problem with that.

– Richie then brings up Farrah’s foray into the adult film industry and her promotions of adult toys. He asked Abraham if perhaps it was this public persona that motivated the driver to give her the looks that he allegedly did.

Farrah: It’s not like I have my stroker in the car and I’m saying, “Hi, do you want my stroker?” This is, like, I’m a true individual, I need to get from A to B, just please take me there and do it safely or otherwise go away from me… I do have to say this. The guy definitely had something mentally wrong with him that evening and the cops definitely handled that when they showed up and the guy ran after me again with all the cops there as I was just walking out to his car to make sure all my stuff was out of there like the cops asked me to make sure of… This guy definitely needs to get tested for mental health issues.

– Next, Richie highlights a report from Page Six and how he read it as though they made it seem like she made up the story. Farrah says she’s never heard of Page Six even though their post was based on comments given to them by the reality TV star.

Farrah: I wasn’t raped, I felt like I was getting raped… Just so you’re aware, people have actually gotten raped from taking Uber rides… There’s worse things that happen with Uber drivers than rape, so, people have been killed, shot, ran over…

Richie: It came out so hardcore in the media and the press that you got raped.

Farrah: I think they really construted (misspoke) it.

Richie: You said the word though and that word is so popular right now.

Farrah: I don’t think anything’s popular. I think there’s a lot of women driving attention to rapists. For men who are not spoken about, and if women do not speak up, then it gets out of hand and we all have seen that and we’ve all heard about men getting out of hand with their penises and their violence so it’s… All you need to know is, you need to side with me. I don’t feel like any person needs to feel like they’re being violated.

Richie: I just feel like there’s so many things with you that people take and they don’t believe you… I want people to be like, “What Farrah is saying is truth.”

Farrah: I have to just say I’m a credible person… You can believe whatever you feel like believing in… I have had situations go beyond the gut feeling that I had in that Uber situation and so that’s why, it was more, I’m happy I spoke up about the Uber situation because I’ve been in worse situations… I think we have all been in worse situations than almost being raped by an Uber driver and people can say whatever they want about me, about lying, about truth. I feel like so many people are so obsessed with saying “that’s fake, that’s a lie, that’s this.” They don’t know what the f***ing truth is right now.

Richie: When you say rape and you don’t get touched that’s why…

Farrah: But yet the cops were called on that person. That person had to deal with his own actions. I wasn’t the one. He was. He was f***ing chasing me, staring at me.

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