VIDEOS Teen Mom S3 E9 After Show and bonus footage

It’s time once again for our Wednesday break down of the Teen Mom After Show and bonus footage provided by MTV. Let’s see how Catelynn, Farrah and Maci (Amber wasn’t present due to her time spent in rehab) reacted to last night’s show and how it relates to their current situations. Here’s the full After Show:


The disastrous trip to Arizona. Farrah believes that her parents were more focused on their relationship as opposed to helping her and Sophia find a place to live. She thinks that her parents were down on the places she was showing them more out of wanting her to stay home than a concern for her safety. Farrah stated that her parents got a divorce because of all the tension in their home but that they still live together. Farrah added that it’s always a point of conversation and that she doesn’t want herself or Sophia to be caught in the middle of that.

Interestingly, Farrah explained that it was this divorce and the realization that one of her parents could very well no longer live at home that pushed her to want to become independent for Sophia’s sake. The awkwardness of her parent’s relationship made her bitter and angry and she stated that they did in fact fight all the time. Understandably, Farrah felt confused about her parent’s arrangement feeling like they should move on if they’re not going to get married again.


They began the discussion with viewers meeting Catelynn’s father for the first time. It had been 4 years since she had seen him and Catelynn explained that he lived far (Florida) away and that her father takes care of her handicapped brother which is extremely difficult to do financially. Mainly, distance and money kept them physically apart she explained. She added that they’ve maintained a good relationship because her dad has always been supportive of her.

They followed up on Tyler trying and being unable to get her dad’s permission to marry her but she was thankful that he said, when they met, that as long as Tyler loved her and vice-versa that he supported their marriage.


Maci starts off talking about her struggles with going to college and she stated that she got lazy and that fact made her think she wanted to be a stay-at-home mom. She said her mother reminded her that to be independent she needed to get a degree. This perspective got her back on the track to school. Farrah suggested that Maci look into getting scholarships.

Ryan’s strange text suggesting that Kyle work with him in a new venture came up next. Maci stated that Ryan was working as a diesel mechanic and the company he worked for wanted someone to wash and detail the trucks and that Ryan was to be that guy and he didn’t want to do it so that’s what gave him the idea to recruit Kyle. When Kyle didn’t follow through Maci explains that Ryan quit that particular job.

Next up was Ryan’s attempts at Facebooking which Maci explained away as Ryan simply going emotionally nuts at the time. She also let us know that Ryan and her mom are no longer Facebook friends. Maci is Facebook friends with Ryan but says she uses it to do screen grabs to prove that Ryan is not doing what he claims to do.

An instance she gave was that when he has Bentley and posts that he’s headed out to the club she caps it and keeps it for her records. In the same breath she stated that she didn’t friend Ryan on Facebook to “creep.” Farrah asked, “So you use it for law reasons. That’s not creeping?” Good question Farrah! Maci was hoping Ryan wasn’t watching the After Show (or reading this post now).

In this week’s bonus footage we see Farrah discussing her trip to Los Angeles with her parents and her plans to move on and out. As usual the conversation gets tense: